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Selected Ongoing Projects and Activities for the Municipality:
  1. Regional Museum and Welcome Centre Proposal - St-Malo
  2. Heritage Inventory Project for the Municipality
  3. Development and maintenance of BIZ PAL Program with Municipality
  4. Community and Visitor Survey at St Malo Provincial Park
  5. Velo St-Malo Bike Tours for Summer 2009
  6. St.Malo Farmer's Market - Grant Exploration
  7. Vission Planning Sessions Vision Session Report
  8. Employment Projects Agreement with CTT, Province of Manitoba and Friends of the St-Malo Park.
  9. De Salaberry Wind Farm Cooperative Development Project.
  10. Implementing FCM-ICLEI Partners for Climate Change Protection Program with CDEM RM of De Salaberry Education Project
  11. First Impressions Community Exchange Program Participants
  12. De Salaberry Comprehensive Green Local Action Plan
  13. De Salaberry Notional Green Plan
Economic Development Office/Rural Municipality of De Salaberry Membership and Committee Work:
  1. Member of the Eastman Regional Development Inc.
  2. Member of the Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association
  3. Member of Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities
  4. Member of the Food Policy and Research Group, Manitoba Food Charter
  5. Individual Member, Canadian Community Economic Development Network
  6. Individual Member, Canadian Association of Geographers
  7. Participant with the St. Malo and District Chamber of Commerce
  8. Participation with the Rat River Health Council
  9. St. Malo Lake Consortium
  10. South Eastern Manitoba Woman's Business Network