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Living Here - Emergency Preparedness
CALL 911 or PUBLIC WORKS 204-712-6321.
Disaster Financial Assistance Website
Flood Facts - which level of government to call
RM of De Salaberry Road Closure as of April 12th, 2011
Empty sandbags are ready for distribution, please make arrangements to obtain your bags early.
Sandbag SAND supplies:
C. Laroche Hauling - 746-5926
Marc Maynard Backhoe - 746-5548
Updated Flood Information and outlook
For further information on Flood Preparedness
Flood Info Fact Sheet
Water Testing Pick up Dates - to be announced
How to sandbag a dike
FYI flood info can be viewed at: www.manitobaemo.ca , and follow the link on the right side of the page. 2011 SPRING FLOOD INFORMATION.
In the event of a flood, the department of Conservation will be reopen two flood liaison offices closer to flood time and phone numbers will be announced. Residents can call Manitoba Water Stewardship at 945-6398.
The following will be the springtime snow ditching policy:
Firstly, the municipality agrees to open up ice and snow in drainage ditches during spring runoff to prevent possible threat to residences and buildings only; Secondly, in the event that there is a possibility of municipal road washouts; Thirdly, in the event that there is a threat to livestock; Fourthly, the municipality will not normally undertake any ditching to drain farm/agricultural land, such as seeded or unseeded fields, unless by council decision. Resolution No. 174-08
The municipality will maintain a good stock of empty sandbags and will sell these sandbags at cost to ratepayers that require them. The ratepayer is also responsible in ordering and purchasing their own sand and delivered to their residence and to have them filled by themselves. Upon declaration of Disaster Financial Assistance, the ratepayer may get reimbursed for these costs.