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RM of De Salaberry Landfill Used Oil Recycling Program 
The RM of De Salaberry Council is announcing the return of the successful oil recycling promotional program designed to provide an incentive for individuals to bring used oil to the Eco Centre.

Effective May 1st, 2017, the RM of De Salaberry Landfill will provide a 1 liter jug of fresh oil to indi-viduals delivering 4 liters of used oil to the Eco Centre Depot. There is no fee to bring in used oil. This program is open to all residents from the region.

Up to a maximum of 4 liters for 10 liters or more of used oil returned.

Maximum of 4 liters of fresh oil per household for this fall campaign.


We now accept antifreeze! 
The hours for the eco-centre are the same as the landfill.