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Posted: September 26, 2017


September 26, 2017


The Rural Municipality of De Salaberry is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the former Esso property (Parc Esso) in the L.U.D. of St. Malo. The municipality has been working on acquiring this property for over a year. Money used to purchase this property came from the General Reserve Fund, an account contributed to by all property owners in the municipality.

As this property is a visible entrance to the St. Malo area, council has plans to create a welcoming site for visitors to our community. A committee comprised of council, members of the LUD committee and representation from various groups (including Friends of the St. Malo Park, Chamber of Commerce and St Malo Wildlife and District Association) have been meeting to discuss future use of this property.

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Future Home of Saint Malo  Roadside Rest Area


Plans include developing this green space into a rest area, which will include parking, rest rooms, signage as well as an area for vendors to set up for the summer. Although referred to as “Parc Esso”, a formal name for the site has yet to be confirmed. Council welcomes input from residents.