Canada Healthy Communities Initiative

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As part of adapting spaces and services for communities responding to COVID-19 over the next two years, the Government of Canada is redirecting $31 million of existing funding towards the Canada Health Communities Initiative.

The initiative will support under three main themes:

  1. Creating safe and vibrant public spaces
    • Projects that create new or adapt existing public places such as parks, main streets, and other open spaces that encourage safe social interactions, cultural or physical activities, and local commerce.
  2. Improving mobility options
    • Projects that permit physical distancing through permanent or temporary changes that make it easier for people to walk, bike, access public and private transit, or just meet with other people.
  3. Digital solutions
    • Innovative infrastructure-related projects that address changing community needs through the use of data and connected technologies.

Funding will be provided through a, or group of, non-governmental not-for-profit organization(s) who will work directly with municipalities, local governments, Indigenous communities and not-for-profit community partners to identify and fund local solutions that will positively impact and improve the lives of Canadians. 

For any questions contact the Canada Health Communities Initiative team.