Burning Permit

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The Government of Manitoba requires any person that intends to burn debris, crops of stubble, not within a container or approved fire pit, to have a burning permit during the wildfire season. The wildfire season commences on April 1st and ends on November 15th of each year. Under no circumstances will a person start a fire that is likely to burn out of control, or endangers life, land or property. 

The RM of Salaberry administers local Burning Permit Applications for the provincial government as legislated under The Wildfires Act. The RM is authorized to issue or refuse a burning permit based upon the immediate circumstances and may place conditions on the burning permit that the permittee must obey. The RM also has the right to cancel or suspend a burning permit at any time.

The Government of Manitoba regulates the use of fires for agricultural purposes to guard property, clear land, or burn debris, crops or stubble. Any fire for agricultural purposes can only be started in an area completely surrounded by a strip of land not less than six metres wide that is free of inflammable materials or, if inflammable materials are present, they must be covered with snow or water.

Smoke from burning crop residue affects people's health, road safety and the environment. Manitoba's smoke management plan encourages practical and responsible ways of dealing with crop residue. Although the RM of Salaberry does not require a local burning permit for agricultural purposes, any agriculture operation must adhere to the Manitoba's Controlled Crop Residue Burning Program which requires authorization by the department of Agriculture and Resource Development. 

If you require further information, the Government of Manitoba read these Frequently Asked Questions about the Manitoba Crop Residue Burning Program, consult the Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development website or contact an official by phone at 204-745-5646.

To report illegal burning, contact the Environment Officer at your local Manitoba Conservation and Climate office. The after-hours emergency line is 204-944-4888.

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