Emergency Prepardness

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CALL 911 or if it is an Urgent Public Works matter please call 204-712-6321

For information regarding Covid-19 in Manitoba consult our web page or the Government of Manitoba's website

Living in a flood plain means we must always be prepared for a flood!

Preparing for a Flood involves numerous people, organizations, departments and other levels of government among other factors. So which level of government should you contact? Having the latest Flood Information is also critical.

It is important to be prepared in case of a flood. But Preparing for Flood Conditions in Rural Manitoba can have unique challenges.

Here are some things to consider in case of a flood:

Do you have adequate Insurance for Emergency Situations?

Is someone Looking After Your Pets?

Have you secured any Hazardous Materials? Propane? Or Petroleum Storage Tanks?

How about your Onsite Wastewater Management System?

If you own or are in charge of an agricultural operation then there are additional considerations when preparing a Beef Farm or Swine Operation for flood conditions in rural Manitoba. 

It is important to be informed during emergency situations. If you are unsure about what you need to do in cases of an emergency consult the Government of Manitoba's Evacuation Checklist for more information.

Please note that The Emergency Measures Act allows the Manitoba Government to provide Disaster Financial Assistance if the event meets the criteria outlined in the Act. To find out more consult their website.

Springtime Farm Land Flooding Policy - Resolution No. 174-08

The following will be the springtime snow ditching policy:

  1. 1. The municipality agrees to open up ice and snow in drainage ditches during spring runoff to prevent possible threat to residences and buildings only;
  2. 2. In the event that there is a possibility of municipal road washouts;
  3. 3. In the event that there is a threat to livestock; and
  4. 4. The municipality will not normally undertake any ditching to drain farm/agricultural land, such as seeded or unseeded fields, unless by council decision. 

Sandbag Distribution

Knowing a flood is coming requires a lot of preparation. A crucial step is protecting people, lives and property through Sandbag Dike Construction

The municipality will maintain a good supply of empty sandbags and provide these bags free of charge to residents. It is the responsibility of the resident to order and purchase their own sand, deliver it to their home and have it filled by themselves. Upon declaration of Disaster Financial Assistance, the resident may get reimbursed for these costs.

Empty sandbags are ready for distribution, please make arrangements to obtain your bags early.

Sandbag SAND supplies:
C. Laroche Hauling: 204-746-5926
Marc Maynard Backhoe: 204-746-5548
MDM Sand & Gravel: 204-381-4721

A prairie winter can present its own hazards which we must be prepared for!

To make sure yourself and your family are prepared it is important to understand Winter Hazards and Winter Safety measures. This includes having a better understanding of current Road Conditions and other Road Information. Extreme weather events, like a winter storm can cause power failures which is why Manitoba Hydro provides detailed measures in on their web page Know What To Do.

Being prepared for general emergencies is just smart planning!

Whether you are at home or at work the Government of Manitoba's General Preparedness Brochures and Downloads can help. And it's always a good idea have an Emergency Kit around.

Any Questions or Concerns?

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