Occupancy Permit

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An Occupancy Permit is required for any new building or structure except a single-family dwelling, a two-family dwelling, or multifamily dwelling without shared exit facilities. An Occupancy Permit is also required when there is a change in the use of a building. 

Although an Occupancy Permit is not required for a single-family dwelling, a two-family dwelling, or a multi-family dwelling, every owner shall obtain a final inspection from the building inspector prior to any occupancy of a building or part thereof after construction, partial demolition, or alteration of that building or change in the major occupancy of any building or part thereof. 

A claw back will be taken from the deposit for each missed inspections or if someone occupies the building without receiving their final inspection. Partial or full amount of the security deposit will be released upon issuance of the final inspection. The Building Inspector may also grant an Interim Occupancy Permit.

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