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Community HallDufrost, founded in 1877, was named in memory of La Vérendrye's nephew, Christophe Dufrost.

Most farms in the area have been in the same family for three generations.

The Dufrost community hall was renovated in the mid 1990's. It proudly speaks of the Ukrainian heritage of many families still living in this small community.

The Dufrost School District was organized formally in July 1909. As of 1944, a one-room schoolhouse was operating at the northeast corner of SW18-5-4E in the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry. 

The district was dissolved in 1953 and its catchment area was distributed between Carey School, St. Pierre Centre School, St. Pierre South School, and Frontenac School. No vestige of the school remains at the site. Old Schoolhouse